The lunchtime started with a debate amongst the students about whether Muhammad was still alive. One student believed that Muhammad had not died, but simply fallen asleep and his soul had gone to be with Allah, and therefore Muhammad is able to be contacted for help with certain situations.

The debate was settled when another quote the Quran: “every soul shall taste death,” and the rest of the students agreed that this student should check what his mosque teacher had taught him.

After that, the rest of the students arrived and we started debated between Christianity and Islam. The topic of Jesus’ deity came up – with one student quoting Jesus saying “I can do nothing by my own power, what I do is by the Father.” This seemed to be enough for them to believe that Jesus was not the Son of God, and the conversation moved on. I wasn’t able to interject, as we cover this every week.

We also talked about creation – a belief we both share, in that evolution is wrong and that God (Allah) created the world in 6 days. We also discovered that we both believer that the angels, heaven and Satan (Shaytan) were all created prior to the creation of the world – including Adam and Eve.

We also discussed the belief in a global caliphate, and the students agreed that the world will one day be under Muslim rule. I attempted to explain that this is where Christianity and Islam differ – in which earth they focus on, but we were side-tracked by the topic of how Islam could lead people to violence. Reassuringly, the students agreed that certain verses of the Quran (that are violent in nature) must be read in the context of the whole book and those who ‘pick and choose’ verses are true Muslims (their words – not mine).

On Thursday – we shall continue discussing the belief in Islamic Caliphate and the Christian ‘version’ – which world does each religion focus on?