Shorter discussion today but still packed full of depth, knowledge and arguments.

Our discussion today mainly focused around the differing concept of God between Christianity and Islam. One of the students made a strong case against Christianity – using the arguments: Why should God have a Son? How did a part of God die? Who controlled the universe? How could God be 3 different people and not be 3 different Gods?

All very compelling arguments for someone considering the case against the Christian view of God, and, for me anyway, arguments that are almost impossible to explain. As Paul explained, the trinity and incarnation of Jesus are mysteries akin to the love between a man and a woman.

The students then explained their view on Jesus – that he was a prophet of Allah to explain to men the way people should live. Then I responded by asking – if that is the case, shouldn’t Muhammed and Jesus’ teaching say the same thing if they are both prophets of the same God – to which they agreed. I proceeded to try and explain the Quran 4:32 – the ayah that explains how followers of Muhammed are not allowed to married woman except one that their rights hands possess. We looked into what that phrase meant and how it could be interpreted, but the common answer from the students was to say that this ayah came at a particular time in Muhammed’s life and only applied to then. Slaves are not allowed anymore. Although, in my opinion, this seems to go against the argument that the Quran is unchangeable and Muhammed’s life is perfect – which would suggest that these rules still do apply today. Or even still, in Muhammed’s day – morality should still be the same, if Allah is same right? But the students also said I shouldn’t cherry pick ayahs from the Quran – which is a fair point, but also something they can’t do from the Bible.

I was planning on leading this onto one of Jesus’ phrases – and comparing the two, but we didn’t get time.

On a side note, I saw a student in a whole new light this lunchtime – someone who doesn’t put a lot of effort in in lesson was suddenly fully engaged and answering everything – he came alive. I was very impressed with him.